All of our items are designed and handmade by us, in our own workshop. We work to achieve the highest standards, however if for any reason, you are not happy with the product you receive from us, please, let us know in writing and we will inform you on how to return or exchange your item.

We are highly selective of the leather we work with and use mostly up-cycled leather. As an organic material it may slightly vary in colour or texture, and have mild imperfections, which we feel only adds to the natural uniqueness of each piece. 


  • Products should be postmarked and dispatched to us within 14 days of date you received your item. Items must be in ORIGINAL, UNWORN condition in order to be able to process a return. 

  • Please note, the soles of our shoes are made of leather and are sensitive. We strongly advise trying them with socks or stockings, on a soft carpeted surface to avoid any damage to the soles. We will not accept shoes with scuffed or marked soles for return. 

  • Please, send the shoes back in original box or a similar carton to keep the shoes safe. Bubble wrap or flat pack envelopes will not be accepted, as the shoes can get damaged in them. 

  • If you find a pair faulty or damaged, please do email us, we will replace your pair of shoes or leather goods within 7 days if item is in stock, otherwise in 3-4 weeks, if item is made to order. 

  • Returning costs will be borne by the customer.

  • Please, do check our sizing chart before choosing your size. Our ballet flats are true to size. Typically to leather shoes, they might be tight on first try, however they do stretch to comfort once worn. 

  • We recommend all returns to be sent with an insured and tracked delivery service to ensure security of returned goods. We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages.

  • Custom made and SALE items (including Voucher codes) cannot be refunded.

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