General Information
All of our items are designed and handmade by us, in our own workshop. As the makers of original designs, we are aware of the imperfections that might come along the way. We work to achieve the highest standards, however if for any reason, you are not happy with the product you receive from us, please, let us know in writing and we will inform you on how to return or exchange your item.
Please, note, we work mostly with leather and a small proportion of vintage fabrics. Leather, as an organic fabric might have slight color or texture changes or imperfections. We are highly selective of the leather we finally work with, however imperfections we consider up to a natural state, will be used.
Shipping Information
  • We ship globally
  • Please, calculate processing time as Making Time (if applicable + shipping time)
  • Estimated Shipping Time: Germany: 1-3 working days, Europe: 2-5 working days, United States: 4-8 working days, Canada & Australia&Japan: 5-15 working days, Singapore&Hong Kong&New Zealand: 7-15 working days, all other international destinations: 7-15 working days.
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR 'MADE TO ORDER' ITEMS: as all of our products are exclusively handmade, it takes time and we cannot rush orders. Please, do check titles and descriptions of all products. If you read in the title 'Made to Order' or in the description 'production time 3 weeks', means the item is made for you on average in 3 weeks. If you do not see the MTO sign in the title or description, your chosen item will be shipped within 3 working days. For express shipping, please, write to us and we will send you a quote, depending on your location.

Refund & Exchanges

  • Products can be returned to us within 14 days of delivery date. items must be in original, unworn condition. We will not be able to refund damaged or worn items.
  • If you find a pair faulty or damaged, please do email us, we will replace your pair of shoes or bag within 7 days if item is in stock, otherwise in 2-3 weeks, if item is made to order.
  • Customer must notify us in writing of the intent of returning a pair. This is according to European Law. We will not except items for returns without notification.
  • Returning costs will be born by the customer.
  • We are happy to offer exchanges, as long as the exchangeable pair is returned in original/ pristine condition within 14 days of receipt.
  • During an exchange, sending the original pair back to us will be the cost of the customer. We will pay for second shipping of the new, exchanged pair or product.
  • Please, do check our sizing chart before choosing your size. our ballet flats are true to size. Typically to leather shoes, they might be tight on first try, however they do stretch to comfort once worn. 
  • If there is a significant difference between the received pair and your size, we will offer an exchange. to ensure a smooth exchange process, please read the following: 
  1. all ballet flats must be returned in unused, like-new, undamaged condition in their original box or similar. Bubble wrap envelopes will not be accepted as return packaging, as the product can damaged in them.
  2. all ballet flats should be tried on a clean surface. for hygienic reasons shoes must be first tried on with thin socks or stockings and at home on soft carpets, as to not scratch the soles.
  3. we cannot refund or exchange used or customer damaged products. so please, make sure the ballet flats are tried on at home on smooth surface first. all products will be inspected on return.
  4. return shipping will be the customer's responsibility. we will pay for shipping back to the customer in case of exchanges. we can only exchange a pair maximum once.
  5. we are not responsible for lost items or damaged caused upon return delivery from customer to us.
  6. items must be returned with recorded delivery services to ensure security of returned parcels. returned products MUST be shipped back within 14 days. 
  7. limited edition and sale items: cannot be exchanged or refunded.



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